Introducing The “3 More Things To See” Daily Email!

November 13, 2010

I interrupt your regularly scheduled One Thing To See programming to tell you about a new daily email I’m launching called 3 More Things To See.

I’ve spoken to several One Thing To See fans who said they’d like more things to see and so I’ve decided to launch a new daily email which will feature links to 3 More Things To See each day that aren’t posted on the One Thing To See website.

This will be a premium daily email and will cost $10 per month to subscribe. For that $10 you will get links to more than 90 interesting things each month, which I personally think is a pretty good deal if you like the kind of stuff I share on this site.

The new email won’t affect the content on One Thing To See at all, so don’t worry, you’ll continue to get that one awesome video on here every day as usual.

But, if you’d like to show some support for this site and get a few extra cool things to see, I encourage you to subscribe to 3 More Things To See.


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