100 Things You Should See


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1980’s Video Dating Profiles

Bull Jumps Into The Crowd At Bullfight

Amazing Pool Basketball Trick Shots

Why It’s So Tough To Finish A Project

The Amazing Story Of How Sylvester Stallone Made “Rocky”

2010 Yo Yo Champion Shows Off His Tricks

The 100 Cheesiest Movie Quotes Of All Time

200 Kids vs. One Professional Soccer Team

World’s Most Obnoxious Kid Reviews Movies

What It’s Like To Be A College Student Today

Woman Has An Orgasm On A Roller Coaster

50 People Reveal Their Secrets

Japanese “We Are The World” Remake

The World’s Farthest Basketball Shot

High School Valedictorian Rips Entire Educational System In Her Graduation Speech

An Angry Kid Rants About What He Sees At The Zoo

What Paul Rudd And Tina Fey Did Before They Were Famous

1982 Valley Girls Contest

The Best Street Gymnast You’ll See Today

High School Sweethearts Reunite After 62 Years

What Goes On Behind The Scenes At A Domino’s Pizza Commercial

The World Record For Tightest Parallel Parking

The Heart Attack Grill Looks Disgustingly Delicious

The Best Basketball Trick Shots You’ll See Today

College Kids Invent Motorized Couch, Get It Banned From Campus

A Two Minute Walk Across America

News Reporter Is Shocked At His Own Talent

1,000+ Famous Dancers Team Up In This Amazing Musical Mashup

Guy Builds A Real House Out Of Legos

What It’s Like To Ride A Bike Down An 800 Meter Incline Through The Brazilian Slums

X Sports vs. Classic Video Games

What Adults Can Learn From Kids

30 Years Of Apple Computers In 2 Minutes

Guy Uses Graffiti To Propose Marriage

French Athletes Flip Over Bulls

Bikini Flash Mob Shocks Park Visitors

Jewel Goes Undercover To Perform At Karaoke Bar

Holocaust Survivor And His Family Dance To “I Will Survive” At Concentration Camps

The Most Violent Lego Video You’ll See Today

Guy Tries (and Fails) To Ride The World’s Largest Skateboard By Himself

The World Reacts To Lebron James’ Decision

A Typewriter Orchestra

The World’s Toughest Race Track Turn

Guy Does A Backflip In A Wheelchair

Spanish Announcers Go Wild As Spain Wins World Cup Game

Aretha Franklin Sings “America The Beautiful” At Wrestlemania

The Most Impressive Limbo Video You’ll Ever See

Indonesia Makes A Movie About “Little Obama”

The History Of Music (As Performed By An A Capella Group)

Kids Reenact the American Revolution

Dog Climbs Tree To Get Frisbee

Lenny Kravitz Crashes A Choir’s Performance Of His Own Song

What’s For Sale In The “American” Section Of A German Grocery Store?

The Star Wars Story: As Told By A Girl Who’s Never Seen It

The World’s Reaction To Landon Donovan’s Game Winning Goal

Kid Breaks World Record By Wearing 215 Pairs of Underpants

An 8-Minute High Speed Drive Through Paris Without Using The Brakes

This Penguin Has To Be The Coolest Pet In Japan

Kubrick vs. Scorsese

The Difference Between Military Recruiting In The U.S And Sweden

Jim Breuer Tells Howard Stern What It Was Like To Work With Chris Farley On SNL

Have You Ever Seen Kids Watching A Naked Woman Playing Rock Band?

Soccer Hooligan Has Some Fun Behind A News Reporter

These Guys Make Cirque Du Soleil Look Like Amateurs

A Kitten Meets A Mirror For The First Time

The Greatest Business Card Thrower In The World

A Kid Pulls Out His Own Tooth…With A Rocket

This Drunk Driver REALLY Wanted To Get Out Of The Airport

The Letter Frank Sinatra Wrote Criticizing George Michael’s Career Choices

This Is What Happens When You Try To Take Off A Wrestler’s Mask

The Funniest Video Ever Made About The Collapse Of Newspapers

A Couple Gets Married…In A Shark Tank

This Is The Most Watched Lip Dub Video On YouTube

The most creative job search ever.

The lost generation.

The best directed music video you’ll see today.

The biggest small apartment in Hong Kong.

The closest a guy can come to getting hit by a train without actually getting hit.

A filmmaker captures the day he became a Dad.

The best shirt ever made for the unemployed.

Jersey girl requests a “BIOCH” license plate, chaos ensues.

Nike’s new World Cup soccer commercial is truly epic.

What it’s like to drive on a Dubai highway.

An Indian car circus performs its wall of death stunt.

How do you make an iPad cooler? Buy some velcro.

Are your reflexes as good as this guy’s?

Argument between PR guy and reporter gets a little too touchy.

What it’s like to live in New York (in the movies).

This is what Los Angeles would look like without cars on the road.

I am…showing you something you should see.

Indonesian baby smokes 40 cigarettes a day.

40 inspirational speeches in two minutes.

The world’s first iPad magician.

What it’s like to hear for the first time.

How many movie stars does it take to make a cool hip hop video? This many.

This is why having a positive attitude is overrated.

This is what it looks like when soldiers come home and surprise their families.

In Hollywood, everybody reads the same newspaper.

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