One Thing To See On Hiatus, But Here’s A New Place For You To Get Similar Stuff

January 17, 2011 · 0 comments

As you’ve probably realized by now, it’s been almost a month since my last post on One Thing To See. There’s several reasons for this, but the main one is that I’ve decided to put this site on hiatus. I might come back to it some day, but for the moment I’m going to take a break from posting here.

However, the good news is that I will be posting lots of One Thing To See-type content on my personal blog at I appreciate everybody that’s been checking out One Thing To See over the past few months, and I hope you’ll check out my personal site, where you’ll find lots of similar stuff posted more than once a day (most days).

Also, I’d like to invite you to connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, or subscribe to my posts by email.

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