The Best (And Funniest) Social Media “Strat Guru,” “Techspert,” And “Webeneur” You’ll Ever See

September 25, 2010

My latest Internet obsession has to be the new website A Bajillion Hits, which was recently launched by Alex Blagg who is a self-described “Viral Specialist” and “Social Media Douchebag” among other buzzwords. The site is essentially a satire of the social media marketing “expert” industry that’s sprung up over the past couple years, blended with some actual advice and reasons why Blagg thinks you should hire him to help you conquer the web. It’s a weird mix that seems really difficult to pull it off, but so far Blagg’s nailing it – particularly in the video posted above which is an introduction to the Bajillion Hits world.

To see another insanely clever use of the web, check out how this guy used Google for the most creative job search ever.

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